EOS for CV today, November 14

The Charlottesville offices of NRAO are CLOSED today due to an active shooter alert from last night:


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(RESOLVED) DSOC Power Outage 2am Friday 11/4

Starting 3pm MDT on Thursday November 3th the DSOC systems will be shut down in preparation for a city-wide SEC/Tristate power outage starting at 2am Friday.

System re-start will being by 8am on Friday 4th

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RESOLVED: Exchange Mail (Updated)

UPDATE (2022-06-23 22:25 EDT): We believe the issue has been solved. Please notify the helpdesk if you encounter any issues.

UPDATE (2022-06-23 15:32 EDT): The web access portal will work with Mac systems as long as Firefox is used as the browser (not Safari).

We are aware of an issue with those using either mobile devices, or Mac systems, to access their mail on Exchange. Microsoft are working on the problem; https://portal.microsoft.com/servicestatus currently says “Users may be unable to sync external accounts with Outlook Mobile or Outlook for Mac“.

Unix Mail server users (Thunderbird client etc) are not impacted.

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