Resolved: Windows Services Partly Down

We are investigating a problem with DNS that is impacting Windows services, including Exchange mail.

UPDATE at 13:22 EST: the problem seems to be resolved. Please use the CIS helpdesk to report any remaining issues.

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For Thursday, December 17, the Charlottesville NRAO locations will open on a 2 hour delay.

The Charlottesville offices of NRAO will open on a 2 hour delay.

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RESOLVED – Charlottesville Core Network Switch and CVFILER maintenance

Access to much of the Charlottesville-based infrastructure, including email, cluster nodes, login servers,,,,,,, and more will be interrupted/suspended on Friday May 29th 2020 between 12:00 and 17:00 US/EDT.

UPDATE 15:58 US/EDT: some services are back online. Exchange and IMAP mail servers are NOT yet restarted.

UPDATE 2: 16:35 US/EDT: mail (Exchange and IMAP) and sharepoint are back. Most cluster nodes (all but 7) had to be power cycled.

UPDATE 3: 17:01 US/EDT: services should now be restored.

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